I'm new to Norway- Any Expats in Hamar City?

Hi guys.

I moved to Norway 3 weeks ago. I job is an Associate Professor in Hedmark University College in Hamar Campus.
I like to meet expats in Hamar if there are new. I like to share information and make friends here :)

If you are also looking for a new comer, let's see sometimes :)

Since Hamar is not big city like Oslo, I hope there are expats in Hamar city :)

Hi zarabates

What a coincidence~! I was a bit frustrated that not many people are moving to Hamar, but here you are :)
Yes of course. I like to have a friend here. I am living on Skolagata road which is close to Hedmark University College. If you live near downtown, that would be fantastic :)

I am teaching on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday full time, and have free time on Monday, and Friday. If you are kin to have a chat with coffee, send me email ****************
I don't have my phone number yet. I am still waiting for my D number : /


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Hi. We are a young family who is considering moving to Hamar in Norway. A question, are there any schools in Hamar that does education in English. My kids are still in primary school.

I believe there is an international school near Hamar, so yes. I possibly eyeing it up for jobs, as I worked in childcare before I left the UK. I'm in Elverum so am about 40 minutes away from Hamar I think.

Hi Clairella.
Thank you. Will look into it.

hi ,
am currently in stange not far from hamar .  inbox me if you need some help

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