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I am from India and I have been offered a job in Singapore and my employer has lodged my EP application online about 15 days ago.

My visa application is still pending and waiting for vetting agencies result (as the current status is), while most of my friends from other colleges in India have got it approved within 5-7 days only (whose EP was also applied by the same employer, on the same date and they have also been offered the same job at same compensation as that of mine). Mostly all of us are fresh graduates from Top Engineering Colleges in India.

What is the purpose of these agencies? Is it verifying the degree or something else.
I sent scanned copies of my original documents while submitting and all the information provided by me is truly genuine. Also my credentials qualified the "Self-Assessment Tool" on MoM Website for both S pass and E pass.

When can I expect the result and can it get rejected? My employer says max time is 2 months in this case. And also is this check by vetting agencies performed on all the applications or on some only (If some why would have mine be selected and not others also)

Waiting for reply.

These "Vetting Agencies" are external organisatuions that help MoM verify the authenticity of your credentials.
Only some applications are vetted, selected randomly or if there are any doubts/inconsistencies.
How long it will take depends largely on how fast your schools, ex-employers etc. need to respond.
If all replies are positive, there is no reason why you should be rejected.

Okay! But is there anything that we can do to accelerate the process?

Nothing but wait  :)

Thanks @beppi and @charmavietnam for such quick responses.

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