My 16 year old daughter needs friends her age here in Bali

We just moved to Bali a couple of weeks ago. My daughter so badly wants to meet some friends (not older then 18 if boys) I feel so bad for her as she left all of her friends in California. Shes a sweet girl and a great friend. I hope this post will make it to other parents that are finding their kids in the same boat. We also have an 8 year old son, he is pretty content hangen out with mom and dad but I am sure he would love to make a new friend too. Are there any activities I could enroll them in to help with this. Or if there are any other expats that are also looking to meet other expats that would be great too. Hope to hear from someone soon. This post is mostly for my Daughter but we all enjoy meeting new people.

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Thank You! I Will....

Best way is to find common interests... For me I have been in Bali since I was 17 on and off usually for a year at a time. (I am now 24) and the easiest way to find expats is to become involved in sport or hobby... There are plenty of sports groups (I play Australian rules football for example and have a large group of friends there) However, I have met more friends when I elected to learn how to Scuba Dive. The Diving community is very large and so friendly in Bali with many people from many of countries. A lot of the time many people come to bali for a very long time to do dive courses. My instructor course a year ago lasted for 6 months. Within that 6 months I met so many people who are expats still in Bali and many which return 1 or 2 times a year... Another option is surfing. There is heaps of younger people and clubs that are very social and active within Bali for Expats... Hope this helps...

im 22 and have moved to bali about three months ago.  i have alot of friends here, and always meet people through the other friends i have.  im really close with my boyfriends family, theyre all balinese, and his younger sister is 15. ive become really close with her and met alot of her friends, and since i teach english, i often see alot of them and help them with their english and school work.  if you want i can put your daughter in touch with them or myself?

hi, maybe you can check bali advertiser, the newspaper or you can google it, there are a lot of activities that can involve a family. so you all can enjoy together while meeting a new friends.
hope it works. im a female but 26 years old. so cant help much. hehe.

Hey, I am 16 too and I am drom Australi I will be moving to Bali within the next 6 months :) what part of Bali are you from? she sounds lovely !

Opps, this OP is really old the kid might even be married by now! :lol:

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This whole thing is creepy.

Hi I'm new here too in bali.
And I have son with age 8 year old.  And I love to my son have a friend in bali.

Maybe nice if you kids would love to be friend with my son?

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