My father is interested in retiring in Turkey

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My father (Australian citizen) would like to purchase property in Turkey (Bodrum?) and I would like to know if an Australian citizen is allowed to live permantly in Turkey and purchase property.


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legally yes mardim, ,
but ı think its not easy...

Statistics reveal that expats living in Turkey accumulate in certain areas situated mainly on the Southern Coasts of the country. Getting populated in those areas have a number of advantages such as establishing communities and neighborhoods, local people have learned foreign languages to some extent, a wide variety of shops addressing foreigners, a lot of real estate agencies, some night life etc. On the other hand, due to the popularity of those spots, property prices have zoomed up considerably and the cost of living has become quite expensive. Also, the Southern Coast is very hot during summer months and the humidity is very high during the whole year, both being a discomfort for the elderly.

I live in a region, namely the Edremit Gulf, where the climate is very mild throughout the whole year with reasonable humidity which, in turn, adds to the mildness of the climate. Property prices and cost of living is very reasonable compared to the South. My aim is to attract expats-to-be or pre-retirees to this peaceful and lovely place and help them to settle there. Please note that I am NOT a real estate agent and have nothing to do with that line of business.

If you want to get more information about living in the mentioned spot, you can visit the site settleinturkey(dot)com or directly contact me at olpmem7(at)gmail(dot)com

Mehmet Pojon


As far as I know, there are a lot of British, German and some other natives settled around Bodrum area. And of course they are allowed to buy property and live there...Let me know, if there is any further questions...

I know quite a few Australians here in Kusadasi and some regular visitors who come over ever year.  So long as Turkish people are allowed to buy in your country you are allowed to buy here.  You just need military clearance once you choose a property. 

The Aegean coastline is very cosmopolitan and there are bound to be fellow nationals around.  If you want any more info just drop me a message.



of course your father live permanently in Turkey and buy properties. try to get as much information as you can get about the procedures, culture etc. work with English speaking professionals when buying a property such as lawyers etc.

good luck.

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