Reliable Taxi at 3am

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Riyadh. I have a flight early in the morning but don't know any reliable taxi numbers. Can anyone forward me the number of a taxi company that will definitely pick me up on time and drop me to the airport?


Try uber

Call the airline to check you in from home !

easy taxi app will let u find  24 hour taxis that are available. there is always the option of going to the airport at  11p-12a

Download Uber on your phone and use this promo code: ageela2ue to get your free first ride ;-)

Thanks everyone. However, I'm completely unfamiliar with uber and other apps - will these allow me to book a taxi in advance? I would rather avoid having to wake up early to find a taxi on one of these apps that's willing to take me. Plus, I'm on the DQ and so am a little bit out of the way. A telephone number that I can call and book a taxi in advance would be the best option for me at the moment - can anyone help with that?

Careem app lets you book taxis in advance. Also Riyadh has London cab/taxi..sorry I don't know the London cab's number.

Uber is good. It is a very simple app. Efficient and on time. And very good rates/ Wont charge illegally.
Please use promo code ahmeda6307ue for a free ride.


Can you book in advance with Uber, or only Careem?

Do you have to pay for Uber with a credit card? Is it not possible to pay in cash? It's asking me to sign up with a credit card.

Uber is now trying cash payments.
It may soon be common, but now they have selective invitation based cash payments.
Don't u have a credit card.  If so it's very easy and safe.

Try Sakinder at ++++ and hope you can understand Indian English
He is reliable

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Uber is in Jeddah.  Very reliable.

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We use Como (or Komo) ++++

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Hi sorry for the late reply and might be you have already exit KSA, but for next time contact ++++ he can speak 4 language (Arabic, English, Urdu, Pashto).


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Careem is the best.
It is less expensive than uber
You can download the app And enjoy it

Thanks everyone. Actually, I did get Careem to work and I'm quite impressed with it.

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