Making a living by playing Soccer in kuwait - possible?

Hi everyone. :)
I'm considering moving to Kuwait.
Is there anyone who knows if it is even possible to make a living by playing soccer.
if yes.
is there anyone who knows, how I can get in touch with a club in kuwait.



Are you a professional footballer? Please send more info I might know someone

Yes I am, I'm playing for the team called Nybergsund IL in Norway.

I'm a offensive midfielder very technical, creative, combine with speed, and a good vision. I can also play defensive midfielder. I'm not very tall, 1.70

It is my third season in Norway.

My full name is Nicholas Mwesigye

I got an award for being the best player two seasons ago.
Thanks for helping me Ama.

are you stll in kuwait.if u want to play soccer friendly games. contact this number *** (whatsapp)

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Hello, I'm Brazilian and I'm waiting for my documentation and my visa. I must arrive in Kuwait in February.  I love soccer, I play in Brazil, but no professional. I'm 48 years old as a defender. I would like to know how to play with you.
best regards

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