Confused on the offer received.

Hi All,

I am a Senior Embedded Engineer with 5+ Years of experience in Automotive domain with CTC in India of 11Lakhs/Annum. I am married.
I am recieving job offer from Singapore with salary of 4700 SGD with omly mine medical insurance covered. For my wife I'll have to get the medical insurance done. I am in confusion whether to accept the offer or no?
Could you please advice on how to proceed?
Can I save any money there if I live a simple life (without luxury)?

Please reply soon.


S$4700 is an average offer  for your position in Singapore.
Very few companies provide extra benefits other than salary.
If you want to live with family, you should tight your 'thrift' policy. Otherwise there is no disposable income for future  :)
According to current rate 2647833.07 INR is your Annual Singapore salary. Tax, house rent, food, utilities, other expenses... remaining you can save  :)

The minimum salary to get a visa to bring your wife as dependent is S$5000/month.
This is also the minimum you need to live a frugal lifestyle without savings.
Your offer is only good for a single person. Singapore isn't cheap!

I think the minimum earning was $4000 before September, 2015

Yes, it has changed recently (and reflects cost levels better now - a couple cannot easily survive on S$4000).

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