Singapore Epass processing time

Hi ,

I had applied for Epass on 17th Aug but still it is in pending for approval state.Can any one please let me know how long MOM takes to approve?

Thanks for taking time!!

Did you mean your employer applied for you?  :)
I n my knowledge, you cannot apply directly for Employment Pass.


Hey Sunny,
my company (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) applied it for me and I received an approval after two days. That was at the end of July 2015.
What did your company reply to you when you asked them about the current EP approval state?

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the response! They said that "Kindly wait" for some time..that's it.It took more than 20 days now..lets's hope the best ASAP.

The processing of my medical report took a little longer than I wished it to, so I indirectly hurried my company by saying that I'll be living on the street soon since I've already vacated my apartment if there I won't get an approval soon.
Maybe you could do something like that, dunno ^^'

EP processing at MoM can take anywhere between a few days and over a month, and there is nothing you can do to speed things up.
So be patient and wait for the outcome!

Hey Beppi,
Thanks for the information.From my end, I'm crystal clear with all my documents and eagerly waiting for approval.Lets see what happens!!

My EP application was submitted by my company HR at 31st July and its still pending nw..  :sosad:

If all the documents are in order . it will be done .
Don't worry.
The MOM takes time to scrutinise each and every document .
All the best

Hi Beppi ,

On 9th Sep, My HR called me and told that ,my EPass was on hold because of one unclear education scan document.So on that day I sent him clear scan copy and he uploaded to MOM on same day.But still it is in pending status.

So how long it will take to process my application?Exactly 1 month back they applied My EPass.


It takes exactly as long as MoM needs to process it - and there is nothing you can do to speed things up. I have heard of cases from three days to over two months. Patience is a virtue!

Thank you beppi !!

Hello Sunny - Has your Ep got approved now?

Mine was applied on Sept 8th 2015. and in pending state now. Please refer this thread - … 67#2877788

please let me know.


No Karthik,Still it is in Pending status..Eagerly waiting from past 40 days.Not sure how many days MOM takes to approve it.

Oh Okay. Lets wait and hope the best.

Patience is the key . my friends .

It takes from 5 , 7 Working days to sometimes even a month or 2 .

Don't worry .
All the best


Hello sunny ,

Any updates on your ep application ?
You got it approved?


Hi Friends,
Finally Ep got approved.Thanks for your support!!


Great news sunny. Mine still in pending state. Applied on Sept 8th 2015

Hi Karthikk,
what is status your EP?
my EP is applied on 16-Sep-2015, Still it is pending.

Dear All,
      Presently i am working in Chennai(India), I got Job in Singapore to work in similar field.
My Company applied E-Pass on 16-Sep-2015 MOM and essential documents are uploaded same day.
The application status still pending. please can you some pass your past experience, why it is delayed (HR told the process will take max of 2 weeks). what could the results?

Tnselvaraj: EP application processing takes anywhere between a few days and two months. Nobody can predict which application takes how long, but you can check the status in the EPonline system on MoM's webpage.

Hello Tnselvaraj - Mine is still in Pending state. The company applied on Sept 8th 2015. It has been more than a month now.

Hi All,
    Today i received IPA for 12 month e-pass. thank you to all.
I need some more informations, please some one clarify me.
1. In General for E-Pass how many months MOM will Approve?
2. My offer is permanent Singapore job, why they gave only 12 months work permit?

i am really worrying about this one year pass. presently i am working in a job secured company with good position in channai.

for extending e-pass for next year MOM will give approval if i ready to continue same job ? 

please some one give me your past experience     

Thank you in advance.


EPs are usually issued for 12 months at a time. Renewal is relatively easy, provided you continue in the same job at the same employer and the EP requirements have not changed.

Congrats Selvaraj on the approval. You are lucky to get it done this quick.

My employer applied EP for me on Sept 8th 2015. Its pending still. Last week MOM asked the employer for more company information which was submitted immediately and it was stated in the Ep online portal it would take 1 week from there for the outcome. This was exactly done last wednesday. However its still in pending state as of today. Overall its been more than a month in pending state. I am really worried now about the outcome as I dont have an idea of what is taking this long. I am eagerly waiting for my IPA to enter back to Singapore as my employer has an office in India and I am come here to attend orientation and training.

@beppi: any advise from your side will be very helpful.


The only advice I can give is being patient. There is unfortunately nothing you can do to speed things up.
If the application status in the EPonline system is shown as "waiting for feedback from vetting agencies" (or similar, I forgot the exat words), they are currently checking with your home country authorities, schools and former employers if the information you gave is correct. This takes as long as these external agencies need to respond and is outside control of MoM.
If the status is not shown or not clear, your employer should call MoM and ask.

Thanks Beppi. Yes I understand but it is seriously testing my patience. :D

In my case the status is just been pending since the date of application.

    Pass Type    : EMPLOYMENT PASS
    Status    : Pending

I have not seen any other statuses other than this.

Got it approved today! :) Thanks Beppi!

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