Filipino nanny

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the perfect filipino nanny that she can stay at work place with upscale family live in 6October city .

Jop requirements :

1 - English skills .
2 - Experience in babysitting .
2 - Good looking and community skills.

Your rights  :

1 - Good salary by dollar .
2 - one day vacation every week .
3 - Fair treatment .
4 - Free meals and food .

Is there is anybody can help me to get filipino nanny ???

Sorry but why only philipino nani. I dont get that ? The languege barrier is the issue here ?)

Hello Rose desert,

Our public forums are not intended for advertising of any kind. You should really be posting this in the JOBS section of the Egypt Forum, which you can access by clicking on the JOBS tab in the green banner at the top of this page.

Thankyou in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Expat-blog Experts Team

Thanks mr James ... noted.

Hi Rose deserts,

Here is the direct link : Babysitting in Cairo
Thank you for posting your ad in this section.

I am now closing this thread.



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