Employment pass rejected

Hi all,

My employment pass got rejected lately, and the reason I got from my company HR was that MOM stated that there was no reason given for my refused entry into Singapore in 2014 Sep.

I came back to Singapore in Sep 2014 for my ex company training, but I was refused entry with many other female travellers with no reason given from ICA. Only on a later date I found out that it was a sensitive period of time whereby a series of prostitution chains were exposed, therefore the Singapore checkpoint was more strict on filtering female travellers into the country. During that time my S pass was being processed, so my ex company advised my to come in with a visitors' visa first, which led to the unexpected event.

One week after I was sent back I got my S pass to work in my ex company and I came back. Recently I was changing job, however, MOM won't approved my application cos there was no reason given for the event mentioned above. My company decided to appeal for me, and I've written an email to them telling the full details of the incident. Hopefully MOM will approve the appeal.

I've been in Singapore for the past 7 years, 3 years of studying( diploma), 4 years of working while finishing my degree.. I really hope to be able to work here..( feeling desperate)

Is there any chance? Thanks so much!

Yeah, because of a minority 'girls', others also get in to trouble!
MOM stated clearly the reason for your S Pass rejection. It's your fault to fill that column.
Better luck for your next chance!

I needed to declare the fact otherwise I will be in trouble if it's found out.

But ya, now I'm hoping to solve the issue.


You should contact ICA (the government agency in charge of immigration offenses) to have the record of your refused entry cleared. Get that in writing from ICA, then send this letter to MoM (who processes work pass applications) together with the appeal.


Thanks for the reply. I tried, both in written and going to ICA in person. However, they are not giving me anything at all, reason being all information is confidential.

And the ICA officer suggested me to just explain the whole incident to MOM to get their understanding, therefore, I wrote an email to my company HR and they are appealing it for me.

Fingers crossed!

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