Employment Pass for Singapore Rejected


I applied for an internal transfer for an MNC bank. After 2 weeks, the HR told me that the EP has been rejected because the listing on Jobs Bank was not very appropriate. They had listed the job on Jobs Bank before applying for my EP but she said that the listing was not very specific in terms of candidate requirements. She now says that she has relisted the posting with all specific details pertaining to the job and will apply for my EP at the end of the listing period.

I have completed by Bachelors in Engineering from India followed by Masters in Finance from the US. Post that I have worked for 6 years in finance in a similar profile. My salary range is SGD10k+. I also received an EP twice before. Once while interning during my Masters and the 2nd time in January 2015, when I came to Singapore on a short term assignment with my current employer.

What are the chances that I will receive my EP?

Apparently the problem is an error by your HR department and has nothing to do with your personal chances for an EP. Most probably your application wasn't even looked at by an officer (they do check the formalities first). Thus, after the waiting period, let HR apply again and you will see!

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes looks like an error on part of the HR department. I wish they had posted the job correctly before. However the MOM reviewed my application for 2 weeks. When the HR reached out to them for status update on 31st August after the specified 10 working days, the MOM said they are reviewing the application further. However, on 1st September, it was rejected and that's when the HR reposted the job on Jobs Bank.

Not sure if there is anything else going on there. The wait period now ends on 16th September. Post which they will reapply for the EP on 17th September.

Hope the decision is positive and I hear soon. In fact most of my colleagues who applied for the EP on the same day as mine or slightly earlier for the same company heard back from the MOM with a positive reply in a week.

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