Looking To Start a Business in Dubai? Ask Yourself These Three Importa

Starting a business in a new country can be a daunting task. There is so many things that one must consider to make sure that your first year in business is rewarding as well as challenging. From the help of forums, websites and word of mouth, I have navigated my way through the first year of business with flying colours, albeit not without my moments of uncertainty.

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai, I suggest you ask yourself the following three questions:

1.    Will I establish my business in a Free Zone?
A Free Zone is an area that is set up for business owners with the intention of providing an area that holds no business tax implications. There are various Free Zones in Dubai with business areas and you will easily find an office for rent in Dubai city that will be a part of the Free Zone spaces.

2.    What type of office space do I want?
This depends on the size of your company, how you would like your setup to look and how quickly you would like to grow. If you are looking for an office for rent in Dubai, I would suggest contacting the biggest office suppliers in the world  Regus. They offer everything from office space rentals to business centres. Once you know the type of office you are looking for specifically, the search will become easier.

3.    Will I manage the business alone or with partners?
Managing a business alone is great as you can make decisions easily and without external consultation. However, sometimes it is better to have various perspectives when operating a new business and I felt that brining in a business partner with a different set of skills to myself really helped propel my business vision in the right direction. Having a business partner will make decisions like choosing the perfect office for rent in Dubai that much easier.

What else should one consider when opening a new business in Dubai?

You have forgotten the Most Important Point - How Much Profit will I make Every Year for the Next 10-20-30-40 Years  ??

well that depends on you and how you handle things, and this wont be my only post, i shall update whenever i have any new ideas that i believe are helpful

First is it an e-commerce business?
You need to make a business plan, study the market, the demand on what products/ services your company will offer to the end-users, a full strategy of the business model, then it comes the office set up and the legal entity issuance.

Dear All,
Is it profitable to open a mini mart in dubai, in areas like marina and Jlt.
Any one has had experience, please share?


Hi! Quick question for those who have any idea... if i rent an office in a free zone and do business in dubai. Lets say i deal with clients all over dubai that is not part of the free zone..will that still be free from tax?


It is also good to get a lawyer to register you a business, because of all the regulations unknown to you if you are a newcomer.

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