Veterinary Job in Mauritius

How can one get a Veterinary job in Mauritius as a citizen of Ghana?

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I suggest you check out your other thread :

You will get some basic tips.

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Maybe contact the animal shelters here on the Island, they are always looking for Vets.
Here is the most popular shelter, they may be able to help if not they may know of anyone else looking for a vet.


Or contact: … ision.aspx
as they may know of any vacancies.

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also try

pls call on ***for veterinary job

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All life matters is a fantastic animal sanctuary.

Maybe they can help you with your search and point you in the right direction (they have a very skilled VET there who does not only sterilisations for strays but also for domestic animals).

Generally, the big work on this island is done by the animal sanctuaries and they do most of the sterilisations (people often do not have the money to sterilise their pets with private VETs here)

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