17000AED per month for Teaching position - Price of a rental?

I have job offer to work in Dubai (teaching( but the money is pretty rubbish - there are better payers but this is supposed to be a good employer.

I won#t be earning anymore than around 17000AED per month.

Can anyone give me ideas on locations and prices but not a property which takes most of my salary - I just need a one bedroom furnished flat.

Thanks a lot

Hello portoman :)

You could check out adverts of rentals being proposed in our Properties for rent in Dubai section of the site.


I would check with the school if they are providing rent free/subsidised accommodation as part of the package. Most schools do -  then the salary will be reasonable for a single expat teacher.

Be prepared to pay up to 40% of your salary on a furnished apartment.

may you give me this job. I am from Africa and yes for me 17000 durhams is my dream.

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