Reviews on REAL Seri Suria Private & International School, Hulu Langat

Hi appreciate reviews on REAL Seri Suria Private & International School in Hulu Langat Cheras.
I want to transfer my son next year, from kebangsaan school due to so many racist remarks and of course the quality of teachers. He is 11 yrs old.I haven't decided if i should continue with the national curriculum or change to IGCSE. I'm leaning toward national since he has already spent almost 5 years there.

Pls also recommend any other schools around cheras area. I want a good school environment with no social issues. Tq.

Hye, so which school did you send your child to? Im thinking of sending my daughter to Seri suria school later.

I'm sending my kids to Rafflesia international school in kajang2. So far so good. It's quite new compared to REAL. So the number of students here are much lesser. Unlike REAL the students here need to purchase MacBook to aid in their learning.

Just like REAL, Taylor's & Tenby just the few I know that the majority of the students are coming from our local Chinese primary school doing either our msian curriculum joining Form 1 or IGCSE. A handful of Indian & malay students. The majority of the teachers are msian.

The usual complaints from parents are cafeteria food. Some good teachers some can improve their teaching skills. These kind of complaints are quite common with schools in the same price range. But the good thing is they listen to parents feedback and make improvements. I like the clean environment of the school as well. Most importantly my kids are happy there even though they complain about 1 or 2 strict teachers. 😃

There has not been any case of racial discrimination at R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras. They have a very inclusive environment.

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