Resident Visa and Dual Citizenship

Hello my name is Ryan. I am an American planning to move to Lisbon in October of this year. My father was born near Olhão in Algarve, and I have family in Portugal still. So I am kind of doing the opposite of what my father and grandparents did when they came to the U.S., I am going back to their country of origin. I will be keeping my job in the U.S., but working from home remotely in Portugal.

I have some questions about Resident Visa and Dual Citizenship:

I understand that I am eligible for Portuguese Citizenship through my father's birth right. Does anyone else have experience with this? I am wondering how long the process takes if I decide to do it while in Portugal. I was going to do it from the U.S. through the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco, but they said the process takes up to a year. Will it be significantly quicker if I do it in Lisbon?

Also, am I able to apply for a Resident Visa while in Portugal, or does this need to be done before my trip begins?

Obrigado for your help, and I am happy to be a member of this community.

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Hi Ryan,

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I created a new thread from your post on the Lisbon forum so that you may get some feedbacks.

Have a look at the Visas in Portugal section of the Living in Portugal Guide, you will find some useful infos and links at the bottom of the page.

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Hi, Ryan,
And welcome back to Portugal.
All the information you need to find is located on the site of the Immigration and Borders Service.

As for the nationality, I cannot know how long does it take and if it can be quicker if you do it in Lisbon. But, I highly doubt it, the proximity of the services has nothing to do with their speed. Note that you have been told it can take up to a year, but this does not mean it will take 12 months. It is just a time limit they are giving themselves. As far as I am aware of it, it can also be done in 3 months, sometimes 6 months, depending of your luck (and their laziness), let's say.

Kind regards
from Lisbon

Hi Ryan

I have only now picked up on your post - have you sorted out your citizenship application ?

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