Diabetes treatment in Denmark - free?

Is the treatment of diabetes free in Denmark, please. Thank you in advance for replies.

I think this homepage will answer your question. It is in Danish as it is meant for Danish citizens.

http://www.apoteket.dk/LoveOgRegler/med … ikere.aspx

If the Google translation doesn't turn out to be understandable, you're welcome back.

Hi Nellie, the google translation did not work, tried it different ways but did not.  Will you be able to do some translation for me, would be so nice of you. Thanks very much.

These are the general rules for adults over 18 years:

We have to pay the first 925 kr. of the yearly expenses ourselves.
https://sundhedsstyrelsen.dk/en/medicin … thresholds

Other remedies:
Insulin-dependent diabetics get syringes, needles and test materials for the blood glucose test for free.
Diabetics who do not use insulin but is in tablet therapy can annually get up to 150 test strips and lancets for free.
The criteria for reimbursement is that the physician considers regular blood glucose monitoring necessary.

Podiatric treatment:
All diabetics are entitled to an annual feet examination and risk assessment carried out by a podiatric after referral from the GP.

Nellie, thank you very much for the translation, so grateful to you.

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