Expatriates Health Insurance in Cambodia- help

I'm an expat, planning on spending most of my life here in Cambodia.
I want to get health insurance that isn't too expensive but will still cover me if I go traveling or whatever.
Right now, I've been recommended to go for global health Asia...do these packages look reasonable to you?
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I'm looking to work on a temporary basis so I don't think I can get it through my employer.
So if anyone knows a good expat health insurance company that is somewhat comprehensive,
please send the information my way. I only have to cover myself and I have my own business.

Thanks :)

I guess no one of our expats is or has insurance??


I am dealing with this now! and I could use some help too!

Can the moderators help??


you should contact our partner: https://www.expat.com/en/insurance/asia/cambodia/

Hope this helps,


Feeling a bit discouraged and I just registered for this site....
Saw various posts and seemed interesting. Saw one about Health Insurance and since I am looking to sign my wife and I up for a plan very soon I was very interested...
But all links have lead to the same page that briefly mentions the importance of Health Insurance but has no link to any companies that provide insurance. What gives? Nobody has Health Insurance? Please provide links or remove the page and references to it as it is misleading and frustrating.
Thank you from the newest member of this site.

Type 'health insurance providers asia' into your search engine and you will have plenty to choose from.

Ok, thanks for the response.

Try sourcing expat insurance online from UK/USA - in my experience you can get better rates than buying it in Cambodia.

You can normally reduce your annual cost by finding a policy with an increased excess.  Or a policy that covers in-patient/emergency only (i.e., does not include basic medical/dental -  which are available cheaply here anyway).  Some policies include annual travel insurance as an add on.

Google should be able to help.

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