possible to have tax reductions?

Hello, I have just moved to Brussels. My employer pays me a Brut mensuel that is 2600 but a lot of it goes away with taxes. Could it be possible that they would give me cheque-repas (about 100 euros a month) and reimburse me for the rent I pay in Brussels (about 550) and consequently lower my brut mensuel of 650 euros instead ? In that case I would have less taxes to pay. If it is possible, how should it be done ?

Hello Marco,

A lot of things are always possible but before the signature of the contract... After, it is too late.

Salary conditions and fringe benefits differ among worked functions within companies.

Without deepened on your negotiations with your employer, one thing you can do is ask to be taxed on your actual costs and not via the package proposed by the Belgian tax authorities. This will force you to do accounting as a trader. But with substantial savings in the key.

But in any case, except if you are a manager, you can forget the reimbursement of your renting cost. The only possibility will be to ave an expatriate contract.

Thanks but no possibility to have an expat contract. So how would it work to be taxed on actual costs?
Are you sure not even cheque repas can given once the contract is signed?

Hello Marco,

Taxation to real costs -> with the assistance of an accountant

As an employee, you are automatically entitled to legal package for your expenses (including travel) made in your professional activities. You can also choose to justify your actual expenses if they are higher than the legal package.

The package, known as the "legal package", covers all professional fees, so also those for business use of your car. But also including the subscription of public transport for travel to your place of work, the development of space in your home that you use for your profession, or the purchase of equipment and literature that you finance yourself.

Everyone is entitled to the deduction of the fee. These costs should not be proven.

They are calculated according to percentages that increase income:

Tax year 2015 - income 2014

Lump-sum costs percentage revenue
Of 0.01 to 5.710 EUR 28.7%
Of 5.710 to 11,340 euros 10%
Of 11,340 to 18.880 euros 5%
From 18.880 euros 3%
Flat-rate professional expenses are limited to 3,950 euros.

Actual costs
Whatever your profession, you can always choose to deduct your actual professional costs. You must however prove the reality of these costs and provide evidence that you have paid them yourself.

You can then deduct tax 2 kinds of expenses related to business trips:

home - work travel costs
For car, motorcycle and public transit, these fees are set at a flat rate to 0.15 euro per km traveled.
For the bike, these fees are set at a flat rate to 0.22 euro (year 2015, 2014 revenue) per km traveled.
other business travel costs
These costs are deductible to a maximum of 75%.
It's costs, for example, visits to doctors for their patients, traders to their customers, etc.

- If you receive from your employer compensation for transport costs, you must indicate this in your statement to the codes 1254 / 2254. The transit allowance is completely exempt from tax. Compensation for other means of transport is exempt to a maximum of 380 euros (year 2015, 2014 revenues).
- If you justify your actual expenses, these allowances are most exempt. They then become taxable and are added to your income.

Chèque repas

The meal vouchers are legally considered as a fringe benefit. However, to guarantee them a tax deduction and an exemption from taxes, the granting of these checks must follow very strict legal regulation. The beneficiaries of the meal vouchers are also subject to legal limitations.

Therefore, if there is no collective bargaining agreement in the company, and / or if you do not have negotiated obtaining before signing your contract, you will receive in not before your next salary renegotiation ...

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