8 subjects for Cambridge A-level?!!! Ministry of Education issues..


My sister got enrolled into a well known international school for Cambridge A-level in RIyadh few days ago. A teacher came into their class today telling them they would need to study 8 school subjects if they want to get their report cards stamped from the Ministry of Education. The school said they are able to offer 7 subjects maximum (business, Arabic, Quran besides the main A-level subjects). Without the attestation, the students can not practically apply to any university to further their studies.

My sister is unwilling to spend time on the extra subjects when she could use that time to focus on her main subjects (Bio, Chem, Phys).

This clearly puts A-level- taking students in KSA at a great disadvantage. What is the reason behind the Ministry's chronic unawareness of the British curriculum? Why are they hell-bent on equating Advanced level curriculum with the Saudi curriculum?

Does this mean that no A-level student from the institution will be able to get his/her report card stamped from the Ministry, and thus not seek university admissions? Is this the end of the road for the school's British curriculum's recognition by the Ministry? Anyone else ever faced similar MInistry of Education-related "equivalency" issues?

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