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Hi all,
I am new to this blog, this place is really helping me to understand about work permit B application.Thank you very much.
I am waiting for my employers update about WP-B (presently in Italy).

Since i will be coming to Belgium soon, which mobile provider should i go for?

In Italy we have few service providers gives offers to call to different Asian countries in low rates. Example Tre- 5 Euro(500 Minutes international call+1GB internet). TIM also offers a cheap calling plan.

Is there any mobile service provider have similar offers?

Thanks in advance

Hello athulp,

There are also several operators in Belgium, but you never will get such interesting tariff plans. You easily get in for € 40 minimum for a valid subscription. There is a great site for making tariff comparisons, but unfortunately it is not in English. -

If you plan an important international communication ratio, the best is to go via applications like Skype and Whatsapp.

Thank you phipiemar,
40 Euro is a lot, it seems calling from Belgium is too costly.

The website is really good to compare.

i am already using actionvoip for mobile calls when my minutes run out.
Maybe voip is the best alternative to call landlines and GSM/CDMA.



Yes unfortunatly, belgian mobile operators are expensive. Of course VOIP is the best system as long as you have a 3G connexion. An offer who can be interesting and who are not on the list, it is the one from ALDI. But it is with time limitation. -

For me actionvoip is a poor copy of SKYPE and/or OOVOO. But they are already so many VOIP providers that everybody can choose his best one.

Its true, actionvoip is a copy :) has very flexible plans with many options. I will explore it more.


Hi All,
I would like to add few info about calling plans.
Many might have already know about LYCA mobile.
I started using a plan,10Euro/month 1Gb data ,500 minutes call to selected countries (you can choose the plan according to your calling country)
For me i choose 'international 4' for calling India and Belgium also includes LYCA to LYCA free.
Internet is not so good, but normal voice call is great.

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