Salary in Kuwait

again, i reiterate my point, you are asking for a needle in haystack, assuming the variables being:

1) size of company
2) experience
3) job description
4) market rates

an accountant in one firm can be making 700KD, whereas in another smaller firm they would make 175KD.

u could be getting an offer of 600 which is fair and i would say, no no, ask for more, and in the end, they say no thank you, we'll find someone else. did i lose anything? no, you lost a potential job.

you would need to find someone in the same EXACT company working the same EXACT job.

good luck :) been offered a position as a customer manager with a pay of 1500kd per month,free accommodation with family, interest free car loan, freight and furniture allowance, current account e.t.c, I'm single is this enough for conservative lifestyle

Given that u r single, this is an extremely good offer. I am sure in Benin city u wont be earning even half of this amount anyway.

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Please sir,
Can you tell me What is Normal salary for web designers?
Please reply to me.

nice work ....

if u are kuwaiti maybe they will pay for u 2800 kd

respected sir ,,,iam a mechanical engineer ,,,but i hav detained two times at my engineering 2nd i complete my degree in 6 years with 63%..can i hav any job oppurtunities to get a job in kuwait industries..if i got how much  salory i get...please tell me sir

v.sreenath i need visa from gulf.and i can change my life in gulf i want to become aemployee in gulf

       i am thirty year old. i am a diploma holder in ARCHITECTURE, studying B Arch in IIA MUMBAI . I HAVE 4YEARS EXPERIENCE IN REVIT ARCHITECTURE, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP etc. what is oppertunities for my qualifications in kuwait , what may be the salary .

i am mechanical engineer

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Can you please be more specific ?

Thank you

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Hi there , i want to ask that if a person study in Uk and got a degree in civil engineering from there would the companies are going to take him or not if they are going to take what salary they gonna give if he has one year experience in Uk

Hi..... i am keep checking the discussions in this forum .people sharing their experience is quite good n suggestions too .....

The discussion of salary is more important i do agree and we should also concern with climate ,rules,and regulations of a country where we work .....

Can any one give me the clear picture that would help other job seekers too like me ....

I have exp of 2 years in IT industry ...working as a software developer(java) currently   

Right now looking for job in kuwait.
have few questions:

q1.Based on my profile and exp how much salary  i would expect
q2.if accommodation and transportation is free
How much i would spend for food as an normal living and how much i could save per month

Thanks in advance

Salary depends more on an organisation hiring you and you JD. But always get an idea of average by going through few discussion threads here coming in off and on.

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i have 2 year experience in hr. What i can got job in kuwait

:D hello my name is jem, I'm from philippines. i have a degree in Business administration Major in marketing. My cousin applied me in one of bakery in kuwait. hehehehe. as direct hired. she said my salary is 150k. i am contended and happy.

just sharing..hehehhe

Dear jemmy28,


As you are just sharing, so i will not comment on it   LOL  :P

All the best and Always be happy


750kd for month na??

yes very fair

Hellow everyone !

I am an electrical engineer from pakistan. i want to serve in kuwait.
kindly guide the Procedure or help me out that how can i get a work visa from any of the reputable companies of kuwait.

thanks in advance  :)

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