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Hi everyone,
I am Linda, from Vietnam. I am very sad now because my Spass was rejected for two times. I really need your help and advice if it is possible to have a positive result for my re- application or appeal. I am studying MBA in SG and my student pass will be expired on this October. There is one company offering me a job in SG with basic 2400 SGD and the HR manager tried to apply my Spass 2 weeks ago, but he typed in wrong my qualification; so the first time is rejected. He made a new application few days later and got rejected again. He didn't tell me the reason why MOM rejected my pass; but from what I know it maybe because he did not put the job hiring in SG Job Banks for 2 weeks before considering to hire a foreigner. I have some questions and hope someone know about it can help me.
1. I had my degree in Vietnam and the HR used this certificate to apply for me because I haven't got my MBA certificate ( just finish final project and I will probably have the cert on this Dec). So when applying, can I type in my education and ask from my school a letter of confirmation of my attending for this course and submit to MOM? Is it more helpful if I study here?
2. This job requires Vietnamese Speaking to deal with all clients in Vietnam;  HR put '' sales administrator'' as my job title  in application form because I will be in Sales support as well as Sales Administrator. I wonder it could be partly reason for rejection? Should I ask him to note '' Vietnamese Speaking'' in my job title?
The company wanted me to stay to work for them; so they will re- apply or appeal for my pass after 2 weeks posting the job hiring in Job Banks? I really need your advice to have higher successful chance.
Please please please help me.
Thanks a million,

You will not get a work pass at this salary. It is too low!
The minimum salary for university degree holders is S$3300/month, and this increases with advanced degree and work experience. You can use the SAT tool on MoM's website to figure out what you need to earn to be eligible - I guess it would be S$3600-3800/month.
If the company really wants to hire you, they should increase the salary and apply for an EP. Otherwise you need to look for another employer.

Hi Beppi,
Thank you very much for your comment.
I used SAT to try with the salary of 2.400 SGD and the result is positive, I can likely qualify for S pass. But I don't know that MOM will not consider only for minimum pay.
I will try to negotiate with this company. If really cannot then I will try looking for other companies then.
Once again, thanks a million Beppi!
Have a nice day.

Hi. Is that true for university degree is the minimum of $3300? Because im a university degree holder and had a experience . But the offer of the company is $2200 a month. Now i can figure out ,  why Mom is still rejected the SPASS.

I think the employeer cant meet the requirements for their applicant salary..

Yes, for university degree holders the minimum salary to be eligible for a work pass (EP) is S$3300/month (fresh graduate - the minimum goes up with work experience).
S$2200/month is the minimum salary for an S-Pass (with a technical certificate or similar). You were thus rejected because the pay is too low. You should look for another employer, or work in another country.

Thanks Beppi

My employer is DAISO

But its take too long to find it again. I decided to work with here in Philippines for the mean time

Thanks a lot

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