From Downtown Cairo to 10th Ramadan city

I would be going to cairo to take an exam in November this year. I would like to know what mode of travel would you recommend to and from Downtown Cairo (where i might be staying at a hotel) to International medical center, Belbis - 10th of Ramadan, الشرقية, Cairo Governorate. The place is near El-Shorouk city on google maps.

I would prefer a budget mode of travel. I have to travel only 1 or 2 times for a 7-8 hours stay at the medical center thats why i think it would be better to stay in downtown Cairo and travel only when i need.


the best way i can think of right now is you take the underground metro to Al-shohadaa station aprox 5 min  ( aka ramsees the central hub for transportation in cairo ) and from there you can take a micro-bus ( it will be fairly odd experience for you at first ) to AL-salam district will take aprox 45 min or so depending on traffic, then finally another micro-bus to the 10 th district  just add another 15-25 minutes

and good luck in your exam :)

Thanks for the reply. How much would a taxi cost approximately? And how much time will it take to reach?

This is about 50 Km  most of it is in Salah Salem one of the main streets in Cairo and can be sometimes one of the most busy streets as well , the time & fair will vary depending on the traffic , its about an hour to drive ,  the taxi fair can be high i only can guess but it might cost you over 35-40  LE , maybe other members here who have been on the same route as you might have another advice or so ,     

but for the cheapest option is the micro-bus , bear in mind it take sometime to get to used to this way of transportation ,  :whistle: ( can be crowded for some people tastes , drivers usually not your calm and relaxed everyday driver , but the fair is their selling point )

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