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I've been spending most of this past few weeks trying to get my own accommodation and i thought i'd share my experience so that people don't make the same mistakes i did. It is quite challenging getting a place to stay, especially if you have just moved into Kuwait, with no car, no one to help & ne parlez pas arabe.

#No help needed!

At first i didn't opt to attain services of realtors to find me place. So i went on my own, hired a cab to find a place. This was a bad idea, to me at least. Unless your luck'o'meter is through the roof. So here's a quick recap:

1. I spent a lot of money going around in a taxi, a few times a week. Around 10-15 KD each time.
2. Found of a few nice place but they're always full, or at least full according to the watchman. I've only learned recently that apartment watchmen here in Kuwait don't usually tell you whether a unit is vacant and available unless you give him a little 'something something'.
3. A lot of watchmen do not speak English, so you best learn Arabic real quick

#O Realtor! My Realtor!

I got tired of spending money going around in a cab with no result. So it was time for me to get a realtor, with a little bit of help from google found a few real quick. Here's a recap:

1. HorizonQ8 -

I spoke to a lady named Barbara, a realtor from HorizonQ8. Sounded real nice on the phone, asked me my budget, how many beds i want, and my nationality... yes my nationality... apartments here are rented out specifically only to Westerners/Indians/Westerners & Indians/"others". So being not an Indian nor a Westerner kind of limits my options. Anyways, Barbara told me to have a look at their websites and see the available units they have. They've got quite a collection ranging 350kd-Up. I called her up to show me some specific units, she kept on saying that she'll check call me back which she never did. So i got tired and moved on.

2. Stevy - Freelance Realtor +965 556 51908

Came across his phone number off a website. Texted him to show me some units within my budget. Responded quick and sent me photos of 3 units all within my range. I looked at the one i like and set up schedule for viewing. Went there, he was half our late because he had a meeting with other client. Showed me the unit which was quite good but i didn't end up taking it. Stevy was kinda pushy to close out the deal, but whatever all realtors are like that.

3. Frost Real Esate -

Came across this company from google. They own and manage a number of spots around Salwa mostly and one in Mangaf. I spoke to a very nice gentleman named Martin, apparently he's the one in charge there. Showed me the units that best suit my wants and budget. Most of his tenants are westerners, a few east asians as well, good surrounding, wide range of units from studios, all the way up to 3 bed room units. Very flexible, very open, got me options specific to my need,  it seemed that they manage their tenants very well as well, i saw the way Martin was interacting with the tenants while i was there. I didn't end up getting one of their units, although i was very tempted to.

4. Basab - Freelance +965 69696098

Of all realtors i interacted with, this one is the winner. He responded right away when i asked him for units with my criteria within my range, no prejudice and no bullshit with this guy. Set up a schedule to view the units with him, drove me around to see all the units, and showed me the best options available. I told him my budget was 400-500 for a one bedroom, he showed me 3 awesome units one for 475, another one for 500, the other one for 400. I asked for his advise, told me to get the 400 one out of value for money consideration even though he'd make more money if i get the 475 or 500 one. I ended up getting the 400 one. He also took care some issues i had prior to signing the contract and understood my situation of not having my own transportation so i didn't have to go back and forth to close everything, he brought the contract to me seal the deal.

5. If you're looking for a serviced apartment hassle free, you might want to check out AAA housing.

#My mistakes

In order for you to not make the same mistakes as i did:

1. Make sure you have a valid international license. Your international driving license can be used here long as you are on visit visa. This way, you go around look at houses without having to worry about cab costs.

2. Bring someone who speaks arabic with you when you go look for a place by your self without a realtor or real estate company. Be strategic when you approach the watchmen.

3. Keep in mind that first payment is going to be hefty. You're gonna have to pay first month rent, another month rent for deposit, and half month rent for realtor if you're using their service to find a place

4. Need to get familiarized your self with different areas of Kuwait and their names. Some neighborhood are all local, some areas are mostly expats. Some areas are loud, some quiet. Some expensive, some less expensive.

Note: My view of the realtors are based on my personal experience at the time when i approached them. They may not always be like that generally.

Hi eighty8,

This is so helpful, thanks so much!

outstanding, thanks for posting this! great effort :one:

Mkathiri :

Hi eighty8,

This is so helpful, thanks so much!

What I've gone through was a pain the bum, just trying to help so that people don't face the same trouble I did. If you need more infos PM me

legacy :

outstanding, thanks for posting this! great effort :one:

Thanks bro, just trying to make a small contribution

Well Nice and informative post indeed. Thanks a lot for the same!

Hi eighty8,

Excellent piece of information you shared.

I'm wondering if your 1-room apartment with 400 kwd is furnished or unfurnished?

Based on your experience, do you think whether it's possible to get a 1-room apartment/studio with ~300 kwd?

chaiheng753 :

Hi eighty8,

Excellent piece of information you shared.

I'm wondering if your 1-room apartment with 400 kwd is furnished or unfurnished?

Based on your experience, do you think whether it's possible to get a 1-room apartment/studio with ~300 kwd?

Hey bud,

Just the other day i found a 1 bed room furnished apartment in mahboula for 325 per month i didnt quite like the place so i didnt pursue it. So i'm guessing if 325 can get you a furnished one, most definitely there is a 300 unfurnished 1 bed room out there. I've looked at the prices of furniture at ikea and online electronic stores, 1000kd should get a one bedroom apartment well furnished.

Thank you very much, eighty8, for the tips  :idontagree:

Thank you so much for this!! :-)

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