Planned to find a job in Spain and living there :)

Hola everyone !! come estas?

i am Puspa, am working in Bali, but actually am javanese.
i am working in wellness & holistic centre ( i guess we are the biggest in Bali ). we do Yoga, Meditation, Sounds Healing, Detox, etc
i would like to say hai to everyone here, and would le you know guys i have a plan to find a job in Spain and living there.
i am working in HR for about 7 years. mostly my experiences re working in hospitality industry such a hotel / resort.
well, nice to know you all here :)


Hi Puspa,

Great to have you on board :)

Maybe you should know that we created a new topic as from your post on the Spain Forum for better visibility and more interactions :)

If you are looking for works opportunities I will kindly invite you to please check out our Jobs in Spain section and feel free to drop your resume in the work sector you feel more comfortable with please :)

Also know that you can find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Spain with the expat guide ---> Living in Spain guide  :)

Hope you get some positive news soon !

All the best and good luck with everything :)

Thank you


Great info Maximillien,

We're also future expats, we're waiting for the confinement to be lifted up.
I'm planning on staying active and find job, in order to fully contribute to the Spanish economy 😉



[at]Sandrine :

Thank you for your post.

Please feel free to create a new thread in the Spain forum and to ask all your questions. This thread is quite inactive (2015).  :idontagree:


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