I am a foreigner from Somalia and want to marry Malaysian citizen

I am a Muslim Male from Somalia and living in Malaysia for more than 4 years. I have finished my degree in this country. Worked with company for 1 year. After that came again on Student visa.

My question is..
Can i get married to a Malaysian female "we are both Muslim".?

I have talked to her family and everything is okay. I just want to start the procedure at JAWI.

Is it possible for us to get married? 
How complicated is the process for foreigners to get married in Malaysia?
What are the requirements or things I need to prepare to get married here (documents, formalities and etc).

If i could have a detailed explanation it would be very helpful.


As your Embassy for assistance.

Thank you Gravitas for the fast response.
Embassy already issued paper for me that there's no problem of getting married in Malaysia and they issued single status to clarify that i'm single.

Thanks again.

This may be useful - look at the menu on the lefthand side for registration issues, which are very important for your subsequent immigration opportunities. You have to be married and have the marriage registered for at least 6 months before you can apply for a LTSVP.

http://www.jpn.gov.my/en/perkhidmatan/p … a-islam-2/

I will Gravitas. Thank you

Asc brother,
I'm soorry that I don't have any information regarding about your original question,since I don't live in Malaysia or don't know their requirement of being getting married.
But I would like to ask you about Malaysia.
I have been living in canada for over 30 years and want to move to Malaysia.
I would like connect with you over  the phone,so please if you can connect me via whatsup it would be very appreciated.
Thank you.
Abdisamad Atikh Abukar.

Wa allaikum salam bro,

Getting married in Malaysia isn't too overly complicated.
The things I remember were:

Getting a medical check-up. Just to see if you have some kind of STD or something else in your body that might harm your spouse.
Getting the documentation from JAIS
Getting the documents signed from a masjid
Going to the masjid to consummate the marriage in a public gathering

Although I didn't do most of the paperwork, I would advise you to take the initiative and try to do as much paperwork as you can so you don't feel like you are being guided by the local women.

May Allah make things easy bro.

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