Your experience of culture shock in Sri Lanka


Living in a foreign country implies to discover its culture, to learn and master the cultural codes.

How did you deal with that? Share with us your culture shock stories where you experienced a funny or awkward moment in Sri Lanka.

What is your advice regarding the don’ts and what would you recommend to avoid any mistake?

Thank you in advance for sharing your stories,


Interesting topic!

I have had several experiences that completely shocked me since i moved here seven years ago.

But the most shocking one is the dating rules here.

Casual friendships between the opposite sex is often misinterpreted.

I mean you just cant have  male friends without others thinking you are sleeping around.

Then secondly, men often feel that foreign women are easy. SO they will date you, but not take you seriously as a life partner.

Then also family members are often against interracial marriages...

You are very true. Many local guys think foreign ladies are easy. But not all the guys not take you serious. Some guys like to marry a foreign lady but mostly to take a visa to foreign country not because they love you. Specially as a lady you have to be very thoughtful when dealing with those tuktuk drivers or the people who say that they are independent tour guides

Hi Maryanne
Welcome to in Sri Lanka!

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