Hi everybody,

when I was a student I would have liked to participate to the ERASMUS program.

Can anybody explain us (in any language) what the ERASMUS program is? What do you think about it? Is it a good program? How to participate, and which are the conditions?

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! I am sure we've got a lot of things to say about this program :)


ps: what's the difference with the LEONARDO program?

There was a movie - what WAS it called - Auberge Espanole? - about a guy in the Erasmus program. I remember thinking it was quite a good movie AND explained what the Erasmus program was. Yup. Auberge Espanol. Go. Rent. Be happy. :-)

Oh yes, that's a very good example!

I remember that movie, I'll talk about it in this post: Movies and books relating life in a foreign country ;)

Hi Julien,

As I am in the right position to talk about it, I think I will have time to write a bit about that this week end...

also l'auberge espagnole is a good movie about that...

HI there!

so no time last week end, the semester is beginning really fast!!!

like i dont have so much time for myself, I give you the following links and then one day, I will try to explain my own experience!!!

so for french speakers:

and also in english!!! … at_en.html

For the moment (after 2 weeks) I think it is a really good initiative cause you can see how studies are working somewhere else and, for my case, go to a better university in your field of study. Moreover you meet a lot of people from all around the world and that is really great to open your mind and learn other points of view.

and you also improve your language level =) that is so important now!

well I have to go, I hope I will find time soon to tell you a bit more about my experience

PS: L'auberge espagnole is more about parties, but it requires quite a lot of work to be erasmus student, you need to adapt to a new country, sometimes new language, new way of teaching...and even if I have a lot of "free" time it is almost filled by homework! but of course, there are also lots of parties, we are still students!


I lived a year in Sevilla when I was a student with the ERASMUS program.
When I saw "L'auberge Espagnole" ; afterwards, I thought "that's me !"(especially at the beginning when the character has to go in hundreds on different offices for the administrative papers....)
But once there, I was studying even less than they do in the movie!
anyway, it's so many good memories and experiences, I would like to go back to that period of my life.
I miss spain so much that I d cided to return there but to another city : barcelona, and not as a student but as a worker...
if you ever have the chance to go abroad with ERASMUS, do not hesitate !

That's just sooo true... This movie is great but that's not reality!
I did ERASMUS one year in Austria and I had the chance to meet people from all around the world, to imrove my german and to discover a new culture. I also meet my boyfriend (for 5 years), so be careful, it can change your life, lol...
It was a lot of work too, because it's quite a lot studying in a new language...
It's open to any student in a university that has agreement with others, and if you have the chance to do, just do it!!

Hello everybody,

I spend one semester in Germany (Dresden) as erasmus student... I was so great ;-)

Erasmus Program is an exchange student program for european student in european university. It's a part of Socrates Program which is I think for more country (not only european one).

Erasmus made lot of journey in 16th century in the whole Europe (and more I think).  So they named the program after his name. More informations :

If you have the opportunuties of going abroad, do it ;-)

Well I was an Erasmus student in southern italy, the base of the program is to learn the language nd at the same time you make both semesters.
Actually in my case instead of seven courses I only had to attend to 4 duringf the whole year and afterwards I got it validated back in Spain, so I had lots of time to travel around, going with friends, and getting to know the italian culture.

Also we called at that time (and it's still called)orgasmus(don't need to explain why,even if it wasn't my case lol).
In any case I would recommend that if any of you is going, the best way to learn the language is sharing a house with locals instead of with people of your own country.

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