Expat status


If the company guarantees me the expat status, do I still have to go to register at the commune?
I undestood that the expat status is for non-resident and if I go to the commune I will register...so isn't this a mismatch?

Thank you.

I think you mix a lot.

Registration in the town is only valid if you plan to be part of the Belgian system. And in order to get social security coverage.

The "expat" status in Belgium only concerns how you will be taxed. Also for such status must be met well-defined conditions. And the final decision still remains to competent authorities for approval of this status or not. Your potential employer is absolutely not able to guarantee the 100%.

Both the qualifying company and the employee need to meet a number of conditions to be able to benefi from the Belgian expatriate tax regime. The conditions can be summarized as follows:

• The employer should be either a Belgian company — which is part of an international group —, a subsidiary, branch offie or permanent establishment of a foreign company —, which is part of an international group—a scientific research center or a coordination office of an international group.

• The individual is not a Belgian citizen
• The employee should exclusively perform activities which require a special knowledge (specialist) and/or responsibility, thus executive functions
• The employment in Belgium should have a temporary nature
• The individual should demonstrate that he or she has maintained personal and economic ties abroad
• The individual has been assigned to Belgium by a foreign group company or has been recruited directly from abroad. The combination of the Belgian expatriate tax regime with a local Belgian employment contract is possible

An application for the expatriate tax regime should be fied with the Belgian competent authorities within six months starting from the fist day of the month following the month of the start of the employment or secondment in Belgium.

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