Relocation to Singapore- need advice about Serangoon / Lorung Chuan

We are open to ALL advice in a choice of neighbourhood for our family relocating from Paris to Singapore in Sept 15.
We have 4 children who Will be attending LFS primary. Originally we considered living walking distance to school but need to better understand the area. Serangoon appears very residential, when we are used to a busy urban lifestyle. We are now thinking of River Valley / Tanglin/ Marina Bay and using the school bus.
I Will be working and also travelling for work, and we Will not have a car.
Are there any parents / non parents living near Serangoon / Lorung Chuan who can share there thoughts on the area Please?!?
Many Thanks

Hello BDurand and welcome on board :)

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In a busy Asian metropolis like Singapore, being in a somewhat quieter suburb like Serangoon might be a better start than in the centre. There are still places nearby with a lot more going on (and more noise) than anywhere in Paris.
But in the end you need to make the choice, based on your individual likings. So go there and explore the neighbourhoods in question and build your own opinion!

Hi Good Day

I stay Very near to seangoon and lor chuan.... is there anything  I can advise you? Anyway Im non parent and just 28 rs old :)..

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