Question to Vn'ese real estate agents

Hi all,

This question is aimed at the many Vn'ese real estate agents that hover on this board...

Why do you sometimes show completely different pictures of a house or property on your advertising that is not the same as the actual place that is for sale?

What this means, i see some place being advertised on the net and it looks good..   the images look great - but when i see the place in real then the pictures are not of the same place.  No similarity at all.

It isn't just one or two agents doing this - it seems to be rather common.

I've seen this many times and it annoys me and it wastes my time.  IF you don't have a picture of the place for sale then don't just grab any picture and think that people will buy it.  I look at the picture and i may like the place, i take the time to go to that place to look at it and see that the place is totally different.  What am i expected to think?   You have just wasted my time.....

I should invoice you for wasting my time....

Why do you do this?


Its quite simple. It is to stop other agents recognising the property and finding buyers for it, thus the initial agent loosing their commission.

Vietnamese people has too much patience in these kind of things. If someone say " visit there", they will go and come back soon without asking the question 'where'?  :)  To them it's not time wasting!
With regard to us of course it is! If you call for some particular house or land, even many brokers don't know which one is that. Many of then copy and paste ads! Of course they have some property somewhere but not that in the image  :)
If you want to buy something, should wait for the real owner advt which is very rarely happen because when they think about to sell their property, these 'guys' fly there and take charge of the same.

Good morning,

We Somo agency, guaranteed you to provide you a full set of pictures , revised by yourself BEFORE any kind of advertising .

Please tell us if you are willing to work with us.

Thank you


Im going to creat a real estate website for expats. All for free, real photos also. Please give me a message if you agree with this. I want to know how many people will need this. That's all i need. Thanks everybody

To Stanley Lu, There is already a website set up by some exp. teacher. He does it on the site line, what I was told. and some parts of his site is/are still under construction. We had a site here in
Vungtau, vungtau city or something like that, but they have stopped the activity, some 3 years ago, or the guy who set it up went back and nobody followed up.

Great. Its needed. Transparent and accurate information.

Most of them do that in Vietnam, but most of local customer think that is AVATAR picture. They did not belived in that pix. Alway asking agency send the real picture at real time before go to check the place.
I think the original reason from Architect, they alway do the perfect PERSPECTIVE  for every house in every locations. For furniture, they alway render the room bigger than real dimension for eyes catching first. With me it's so stupid mind.
My house in small alley, but they placing it on the AVENUE with a tree and beauty sidework without chaotic electric wire overhead and Lamboghini parking around:))

To me it is chumming or luring, I am a Vietnamese expat but I hate it this kind of practice.

I had bought 4 and sold 3, my experience had been very negative since the so call real estate agents have no training or any legal binding to perform to a set of regulations. Often they work under someone else and that person is under ............ you get the picture?

The law is lax and buyer is taking their own risk to buy any real estate. Following are my experience.
  - We entered a contract with the owner to buy a house in HN through a RE agent, the agent would get 10 mil. for introducing us; we put 100 mil as the deposit to buy the house as soon as the owner vacated or at the end of October 2013. At the end of October the owner want more money since the price of RE had gone up. We could back out and demanded 200 mil. but there was no guaranty we could get the money since the seller was a judge at the district and even we won the case there was no law to sell the house to get our money .......... My wife is a law professor and the seller was her student.

  - We enter in a contract to buy a condo in HCM City, the agent told us we would get the unit in three weeks, when the time is near she said three more weeks and if keep extending then she ask for 100 mil. more since the selling price had gone up.

  - Same thing happen since we bought the two units together.

  - We bought a piece of land, the owner agreed to the tirm but later on did not want to do it because he did not do the papper work in the pass and now it would cost him 30 mil to do it, he did not inform us to step in to help him but later on the law changed now we can't not split the lot.

I hope you got the picture. Please be extra careful and know that you are takeing risk in buying any thing here. Good luck to you.

Thanks! Good advice, Mr. Er.... std dl... :gloria

STDDL...what you could have done is do a large sign board naming and shaming the District Judge who did not honour his contract to vacate and tried to extort you for more money. Since you're in VN, i'm sure you have lots of time to harrass him. If he gets cocky, so can you. Police won't get involved.

This would be greatTT

I also have a horrible experience with those kinds of agent. I was rent one house one year ago through the real estate agent, at that time everything was perfect. One month later there is some constriction need to be done then I have contacted the owner and owner said deal everything with agent reason they gave money to an agent to fix it. But there is no agent. So I decided to go to his office but he wasn't in the office, and I asked about the contract with his Manager, at first he said he knew this deal and knew everything. So I asked I want to cancel this contract and get back my deposit then he said this does not belong to his company because there is no agency stamp. 
Be careful if you sign contract through the agency then you must have contact with company stamp or sign the deal in the there office.

gg1965 :

Why do you sometimes show completely different pictures of a house or property on your advertising that is not the same as the actual place that is for sale?

Do you really need an answer?
Still, just in case you do, many estate agents are the scum of the earth, somewhere below lawyers on the sackopoop scale.
They lie, cheat, steal, con and act like the total and utter B*ds they are.
In countries with lesser enforced regulations they're free to act like the maggots we all know them as.

PS - Report the offending adverts and they should disappear.

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