recommendation for pet relocation service to Kuala Lumpur, malaysia

hello, can anyone recommend a reliable and trustworthy pet relocation service? i'm trying to bring my 5 year old shih tzu from singapore to KL and would appreciate any recommendations from the community.

ideally i'd like the relocation agent to handle transportation and all the necessary import/export paperwork required.

if you have estimated fees as well and any feedback, that would be greatly appreciated!


tested and validated agent
from France to KL … es?fref=ts

thanks! ive messaged them and am awaiting their reply

If the pet is currently in Singapore, then explore suppliers there rather than in KL.

thanks. however suppliers in singapore are far too expensive -- charging more to bring her from sg to kl than i paid to bring her from the US to sg altogether.

But you need their services to get her out of Singapore so I don't see how you can avoid hiring from the Singapore end.

MASKargo: Malaysian Airlines offers many services for pet transportation, including a 5-star pet hotel. If you are planning to use MAS to transport your pet, either as carry-on or cargo, contact them well in advance to see what other services and advice they can offer! This is a global pet relocation service. Their website has a great deal of information, searchable by destination country, and you can also hire them as an agent.

Air Animal: This is a US-based company, but they seem to have extensive experience shipping pets around the globe, including Malaysia. This company seems like a good option if you want or need someone to handle most of the process for you.

G-Pet: Among other pet-related services, G-Pet offers a relocation service. This is a Malaysian company.

Thanks.  Her vet paperwork is already taken care of and I am working on her export license in Singapore (I'm doing this myself though I would prefer help - and there are Malaysian relocation agents who can do this, they don't have to be Singaporean).  It's just applying for the export license out of Singapore.

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