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I'm new to the Expat.com and have been reading posts about Hamad Medical Center in Doha Qatar.
I'm interested in applying for a senior technologist position (laboratory) and I'd like to know what grade that would correspond to generally.  One of the posts mentioned that the grade is determined by the department.


Department Head and HRD Management ( in rare case) will decide about the Grade, totally based on work experience and skills like, Path Net General Laboratory, Cerner millennium path net, Histopathology Path net, knowledge of CAP etc. The Mid-level Grade is 110 and for senior technologist starts from Grade 112.
Recently Hamad lab Division upgraded existing grade of 106/ 107/ 108 to 109/110.

Please submit your curriculum vitae (CV) on Hamad.qa  job portal website

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Thanks Wilson
I applied for a position as senior technologist (laboratory) last week and received an email saying that my candidacy was being taken to the next step and to complete some forms including a cultural fitness assessment.
Once  the completed forms are received, how long does it take for review and to decide to go forward with the application?

You can Follow up with HMC HR department, they are right person who can assist you Contact no# 0097444395777/ contactus[at]hamad.qa

Hi Lynd,

Im working as a senior medical technologist too in qatar,  you can contact me xxx so we can have some chat,


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Hello firasq1,

Thanks for wanting to share information about the senior lab technologist post. I've sent you a contact request so we can chat further.

What is the difference between a technologist 2 and a senior technologist in the laboratory as far as classification, responsibilities and salary?

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