....after 11 years of living in sunny california, i am back in vienna, where i grew up and lived most of my life! my friends from back then have all moved on with their own lifes and meeting new people is incredibly hard in this town! i am a very outgoing, fun loving girl which sometimes irritates "den grantigen wiener" but i don't care. so ladies, if you want to grab a cup of coffee or tea with me, please don't hesitate to contact this lost in translation vietnamese/viennese/american girl! :-)))))

Welcome on Expat-blog lostintranslation73! :) I hope you get some nice contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to participate on other threads on the forum.

All the best,

Hey there lostintranslation73,
I have just moved to vienna myself, and also finding it very hard to meet new people. I have just moved over from sunny old england to do a 2 year masters. So i am very keen to meet some people. Coffee sounds good to me.

Welcome to Expat.com, Toto :)
As Christine implied above, participating in other discussions in the forum might help you to make new contacts :)
Have a nice day further

Hi and welcome.

Ya not wrong about the difficulties meeting people here.  Best of luck and take care.


hello toto13,

i sent you a private message! not sure if you've received it!

Agreed on making friends issue:) replied private message. talk soon :)

i am not sure if i am allowed to do this, but whoever has a facebook account should check out this group called "foreigners in vienna"! they constantly do brunches where expats, foreigners or whoever is interested in general can get together and meet other expats, etc. the next brunch is THIS sunday, oct 31st at LUX! It would be nice to meet as many as possible! :-)

hi everyone,
i have the feeling that something is wrong with my inbox/message system! to those who have already sent me a private message: i have replied, so if you haven't received anything, please let me know! if you have replied to my messages as well, i haven't received anything either!
it's probaby best if you always write a new message instead of replying!
thank you

lostintranslation73 :

the next brunch is THIS sunday, oct 31st at LUX! It would be nice to meet as many as possible! :-)

Maybe you could post the events on Expat.com ?

hey julien,

this is the next event:

The event details would be nice (sorry I didn't explain)


i am not the founder of this group! i just recently joined it myself, so all the news i am receiving are the ones the group forwards to me! it's probably best if you go on facebook and look for yourself as well as contact the people behind the group! i am sure they would be happy to help you and answer your questions! good luck!

Hey all!!! I was reading all this messages and it seems like nobody has meet nobody yet? Let's arrange that!!! My name is Gabriela (Gaby), 31 , from Chile. I live here since April 2010, and I'm looking forward meeting new friends here in Vienna, which sometimes it's not easy. So, lostintraslation73, Toto13, Eveers, Edith, and all of you who wants to join... please write here or send me an email to gaby_cqc[at]hotmail.com , and let's arrange something for this week ok?  Bitte!!!
Hope this works!

hey gaby,

the majority who have sent me a message are not even in vienna yet (i am looking forward meeting them)
some who i have replied to, have not sent me anything back (not sure whether they lost interest or whether they never received my reply. i noticed that this site has some technical problems sometimes)
those i was able to establish some sort of correspondence have not been able to find a time where we could arrange a meeting (we are still working on it).

i would love to meet new people, but i am definitely not gonna force anyone if you they don't feel like it. if you are able to organize a meeting with a few people i'll salute to you, but i know as a matter of fact that the main issue is TIME, and not because nobody really feels like it or need a push.

and with the whole time issue i am not talking about others only, in fact i am talking about myself so i apologize ahead of time IF i can't make it if we all agree on a certain date. it's ONLY because i have a crazy schedule and not because i am not interested. i started this post, so obviously i REALLY want to meet new people.

tell us more about austria please?

What is the address of the Facebook expats group? I cannot find it...and would be happy to join some events too.

Hi everyone, my name's Luke

I am British citizen born and grown up here in Vienna,not exactly an expatriate but not exactly Austrian either, somewhere in between. I would like to make more English/English native speaking friends as Austrians can get a little bland and uninteresting a lot of the time. If you agree feel free to contact me and we can chat sometime. cheers Luke


Why don't you organise an Expat meet up in Vienna. You just have to suggest a place and time.. :)

Have a nice day.

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