monthly salary range for a Civil/Site/Construction Engineer


Do you have any idea how much is the monthly salary range for a Civil/Site/Construction Engineer working in Brunei? Thanks....

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You'd need to give some more details about the position you're after and what specialities you have.  I'm Sr. PM at an international company and here since 2 years, so I can probably give you a fairly good direction.

In comparison to SG, everything is much lower here (incl. how much remains on your account each month), but also (!!!!) setting money aside and focussing on career development and projects you can get involved with: I think you're much better-off in SG.  My 2 cents ...


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Besides than the well know oil industry in Brunei, do you have any information for other multinational company( manufacturing field) which offer better range of salary ?



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I am working in SG as Project/Construction Mngt Consultant(site based) supervising/checking Contractors' works from building, sewerage and mrt enhancement projects.

Back in the Phils, I used to work on various companies as Project Estimator, Site Engr, Planning Engr, Project Engr, Construction Engr, and even up to Project/Senior's Manager level. I am a Civil Engr by degree and profession. I have decided to work in Singapore due to better salary offer; an Engr to Project Manager's position in the Phils can only earned in the range of SGD1000-1500 whereas here I am earning SGD4100 - but of course accomodation is not included which will cost you at the range of SGD1200-1500(conservative estimate); that will leave a net savings of around SGD2500.

Yes, I am forward to working in Brunei by next year if the opportunity comes with the right compensation. This is the reason why I joined this forum to at least know the cost of living and how much is the salary range there for my profession.

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