Employment Pass cancelled or not

One of my friend left Singapore without informing employer and employer told that his EP will be cancelled if he wont join again in 3 days.  But he didnt went back from home in India to Spore to join again.  How can we check whether EP is cancelled by employer or not?

If he go back to Singapore again to work, will he get EP now OR is there any problem!

Can you suggest....!

Abandoning a job is a very serious issue when a work permit is involved. It can result in a blacklisting.

But it happened 10 years back...
Will there be affect now!

In this case, the employer must inform MoM as soon as they become aware that he absconded.
MoM then blacklists the employee, because absconding is illegal.
Unless he contacts MoM and shows proof that he had VERY GOOD reasons to do this (e.g. his wife or children died suddenly while he was abroad and he was unable to contact the company in time), he will never be allowed to work in Singapore again.

The Singapore authorities have a very long memory and do not forgive.
His only chance is contacting MoM and trying to resolve the issue with them!

Thanks for your suggestion.

I think its better to contact MOM directly from here in India and resolve.

But I let him do if any objection comes from MOM while his EP not approved because of this reason.  Better not approach MoM before this.  If nothing red marked, i hope his EP will be gets approved.  I came to know that he fully paid his income tax without fail.  So hope no issue.

I can assure you that his EP application will be rejected (reason "adverse records") if he does not approach MoM beforehand. MoM does not take these things lightly. But if he wants to experience it himself (and in the process also upset his new employer), he's welcome to try!

You are correct.

Thank you...

Any mail id whom to contact in this case in MOM, Singapore!
Mail id please !

Check their webpage. If there is no email address given, he should call (and be persistent: They don't like to deal with job seekers and will most likely tell him off at first).

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