Having a home built at Villas Paraiso Escondido

Hi All,
My husband and I are having a home built for us in Villas Paraiso Escondido on the North coast of Honduras.  It is located near Lucinda in the Municipality of Balfate.
We are really looking forward to its completion so that we can avoid the harsh Canadian winters.  50+ cold and snowy winters are enough!
We are also looking forward to getting to know a lot more about the country of Honduras and its' people.  :)

Love the area in Balfate or Paraiso Escondido, secluded nice fishing town and close to La Ceiba. Great choice!!

Hello CinS and welcome on board :)

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Good day,

I was wondering if you are still living in Honduras and how everything is going.  We are interested in buying in the community and am looking for more information.  Thanks.

Hi Travis,

Don't go in blind. Honduras is really great for those that move in knowing that they know what they think they know.

I have 15 years experience in Honduras. We spend the winters in a house we own on the beach near Sambo Creek.

If you want to chat give me a call at ***


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