Wedding dresses in Tirana

Hello everyone,

I am a British girl living in the UK.
Im flying to Tirana in a couple of months to marry my Albanian boyfriend.

I've been advised to buy my wedding outfit and wedding rings three instead of the UK and Id love to hear some Albanian peoples views on this.
We are having a very small, simple, private wedding so I'm not looking for a flash, flouncy dress, rather just an ivory plain lace/satin dress.
The rings will be just plain gold bands for both of us.

Also, I will need my hair and make up done before the wedding, can any of you ladies recommend shops etc please.

Many thanks in advance

Weddings are a big deal here. There are loads and loads of wedding dress shops, although most Albanians hire their dresses rather than buy them. I was at a wedding this weekend and the bride had 4 dresses! There are also loads of hairdressers around. Everywhere! I'm sure your husbands family will be able to recommend one. I was married here in Albania last summer and it was one of the most insane and exhausting experiences ever! Albanian weddings are really something special!

Wow , I heard a typical Albanian wedding is like this. And I've seen pictures m videos of Albanian weddings. Not for me. I am not having this. I just want a small, intimate ceremony , a nice celebratory meal and a nice relaxing honeymoon together but I still need a nice dress. Nothing too "flouncy". Plain n simple .
How about gold? Wedding rings .
Here in UK it's expensive.  Maybe cheaper to buy in Albania?
Thanks for your input.

do not stress to much yourself about the weeding in albania. With 3.000 pound you can have a great wedding .

Most important thing is not the wedding:Important is to have besides you a person who will love you,respect you, and be a good friend for life - for what you are and what you stand.

good luck to both of you

While both the dress and the rings would be cheaper in Albania, they won't be great quality. If you're not fussed about quality then wait until you get here.... Otherwise, I'd recommend getting them in the UK.

Thank you. I agree. I would marry him in my shorts and flip flops, no make up, in the street. I don't care for material things anyway. But now u have seen my other posts I'm even more stressed! Oh dear!

it is great to not be materialistic person as you will enjoy much more life and things that really count for like family and children.
Do not be over stressed - everything has a solution

Hello... are there bridal gowns for rent in tirana? How about the traditional dress that can be rented? Gonna be marrying an albanian guy this october... excited what to dress for pre-wedding shoots

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