fitness club for ladies

what is the best Fitness club in Sahafa Area Riyadh please ??

There is a Fitness Club in Takhassusi street beside Aljazirah Vehicles
Takhassusi St, Al Mohammadiyah I think  there is an Italian restaurant opposite of it I reckon.
Here is the Location … !1e1?hl=en
If you need any advice plese don't be hesitant to ask I'm private personal trainer  Fitness instructor.
Good Luck

thanks a lot Essa its very nice of you, but Takhassusi is far away from me . I will keep looking ..
Have a nice day ...


Have you looked at Manahil in DQ? Another one is besides Jarir Book Store in Olaya. There are several in Riyadh. If you can mention the area you're looking in, I can recommend one.

thanks tansari, i am looking in Sahafa Area or Alyasmeen area .
I appreciate your care .

My sister was in fitness club in shafa ... She's living there but unfortunately the club was closed ... I will ask her if there is any ... Or if they reopen it ..

I have seen a fitness club for ladies recently on King Abdul Aziz road in Yasmin area, however do not remember the name now.

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