Brunei-cost of living and salary as an engineer?

Hi...I'm Dan, working in Singapore for 7 years now. It is a nice and safe country but the cost of living is something to be considered when you plan to work, relocate or migrate here. Buying HDB Flat will cost you around $400-700K, Condo around $800 and above; while renting a flat is about $2-3k, room is about $700-above, bedspace is $350-above. Budget meal with drinks is around $5. Conservative expenses(all-in) will cost around $1k-1.5k a month if your renting a room or bedspace. Currently, I'm earning a monthly salary of $4kplus.

Unless your accomodation is sponsored by a company or you hit a Toto jackpot, then gone are your worries. I've been browsing these days looking for a much better place to work, live; and I found Brunei as a candidate.

Anyone of you guys can share with me about Brunei-cost of living and salary as an engineer?

Thank you!

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I suggest to have a look at the following thread : Cost of living in Brunei – 2015 to gather some infos about your first question.

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