Driving in Singapore


What do you think of the way people drive in Singapore? How different is it from your home country?

Respecting the road safety rules, driving etiquette such as general courtesy, speed excess… what are the characteristics of the driving style in Singapore?

Share with us the difficulties one may face when driving in Singapore: peak hours, road conditions, accident, etc. and your advice to drive safely in the country.

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In my home country, it's a left drive not a right drive like SG. Driving in SG is mostly frustrating during peak hours because of traffic. With young children on board, the tension becomes too much. In general road safety rules and etiquettes are good with the exception of a few young drivers who seem to have fun on the roads once in a while cruising around. Sometimes road repairs slow down driving in general but it's better than having bad roads which might cause accidents.

Despite coming from the US, with the right-side driving, I've found driving in Singapore incredibly easy.  There are less cars on the road than some US cities (*cough*Los Angeles, I'm looking at YOU), or at least it feels like it.  Driving on the left hand side of the road hasn't really been an issue here as many of the major streets are divided roads and therefore are no more challenging than driving on a one-way street.  About the only pain point was growing accustomed to sitting on the right side of the car while driving, and really the only issue there was breaking the habit of using my left hand to operate the signal.  I hit the wipers a few times early on.

Other drivers in SG are great; I can depend on when they will yield or not (mostly not) which suits me perfectly.  I just moved from Oregon where drivers are way too yielding.  Overly so, and it's scary and frustrating.

There have been a few times where there's been traffic, but having grown up in California, I haven't been bothered by it in the slightest.

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