Driving in Russia


What do you think of the way people drive in Russia? How different is it from your home country?

Respecting the road safety rules, driving etiquette such as general courtesy, speed excess… what are the characteristics of the driving style in Russia?

Share with us the difficulties one may face when driving in Russia: peak hours, road conditions, accident, etc. and your advice to drive safely in the country.

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Personally I think Russian drivers are crazy. Close to where we live accidents happen all the time, just last night a driver going probably 70 miles per cut in front of the bus, he almost killed himself and everyone on the bus. But one does need to keep their sanity here so I've come up with a joke about it.

Russians don't need guns, they have cars.

I've driven all my adult life and only had a couple of accidents. Here it's common get in an accident at least once a year if not more. Countless of people I know here would say the same, it's tragic. The worst part is my wife keeps bugging me to get a car. I tell her I don't have a death wish, so we continue to take the bus. Sooner or later I'll have to bit the bullet and dance with the devil. In the mean time, if you are an Expat in Russia think twice before owning a car.

Hello, Maximilien.
My name Andrey. I live in Russia. I go on the car more than 30 years.
If you agree, I with pleasure will help you, and I will answer all questions.

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Until now i made 33000 km so 20000 miles in russia. Beyond Ural its OK AS everywhere in Russia look out for drunken Rivers even at 11 in the morning. Drive defensively depending in your car if you drive kamaz 6x6 its best.
The closer you come to Moscow or St. Petersburg the more aggressive drivers are so its always a chicken game so you netter drive something big

Driving in Russia is an adventure to say the least. Tip one have a dash cam and do not let the other drive take your recorder in the event of an accident,  he may very well steal the card. Tip 2, most Russians buy their drivers license and have no clue of the rules of the road. Tip 3, have enough cash to pay the police or he will find you at fault. Tip 4 Russian insurance companies do not want to let go of their money, good luck collecting. Tip, refer to tip 3. Tip 6, safety inspections are not required and there are very many junk cars in Russia tip 7, vodka is a favorite of Russians, need I say more? Tip 8, don't drive in Russia

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