Driving in Bangladesh


What do you think of the way people drive in Bangladesh? How different is it from your home country?

Respecting the road safety rules, driving etiquette such as general courtesy, speed excess… what are the characteristics of the driving style in Bangladesh?

Share with us the difficulties one may face when driving in Bangladesh: peak hours, road conditions, accident, etc. and your advice to drive safely in the country.

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Drivers and traffic enforcers (If they have one) in Bangladesh do not have any clue of traffic rules. They may have the rules but no one gives a s***! Traffic is a nightmare here. They blow their horns every 10 seconds as if it will make a difference and if you are not used to it, it will haunt you in your sleep. No kidding! Drivers do what they want, when they want and where they want it. The only good day to drive is during Fridays, the rest is peak days. Best to go out on week days, if you are going to places like Gazipur or farther than that, is at 6 am and leave at 1 pm from where you are. Stay away from the buses, if you can, because bus drivers are kamikazes.

Driving in Bangladesh is a kind of sport!
It is a mix of absence of road network and country planning, a super dense population, poor vehicles, absence of proper driving technique, poor safety culture, poor consideration of the value of human life, and lots of corruption that creates an absence of law enforcement.
That being said, I still drive in Bangladesh in the Khulna - Mongla region where I live, but it is a high-level sport. I never drive in Dhaka and would not dare to, though I have been driving in congested cities like Antananarivo. Dhaka just does not compare.

you should enjoy it........hahaha

Hello Everyone,
I would say no one from overseas should be driving in Bangladesh specially in Dhaka unless you have been living there for a long time (10 - 20 years). In Bangladesh they have all the basic road rules just like any other countries, only the difference is not more then 5% of the drivers follow the rules. If you want to follow the traffic rules other drivers think you don't know how to drive!!!! Most of the drivers has very little or no respect for the traffic rules or respect for the other drivers on the road. There are absolutely no discipline on the road what so ever, people has the opportunity to drive any way they like (with full freedom!!!) and they do that without thinking about the danger.
Road system: Most of the roads are poorly constructed, they usually do not hold up more then one rainy season. Most of the roads get damaged during rainy season and it takes several months to get them fixed. There are not enough parking spaces anywhere in Dhaka except for couple of large shopping centers. People park their cars wherever they wish and make it rather difficult for other people to drive around. People often drive wrong side of the road and NO ONE SPEAKS UP about it as they all do it time to time. Even the police keep quiet in most cases.
It is impossible to drive in a area where the roads are full of rickshaws as rickshaw puller has no ideas about the traffic rules or traffic system. They usually park at the curves and create serious problem for the cars to turn in & out .
Well I could write whole night about driving issues in Bangladesh but I rather stop here before I get too personal about the drivers in Bangladesh.

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