Might move to Mauritius, need some info!

So, I'm a dentist and I'm planning to relocate to either Mauritius or the Seychelles. I'm here to ask some questions about Mauritius (if you've also lived in the Seychelles, I would also of course appreciate a comparison between the two countries). Some questions I'd like to to know:

Average salary for a dentist (self-employed).

Cost of living.

How socially conervative is the country?

Which place has more international crowd?

What are the local women, in general, like (for dating purposes  :cool:)?

How are the locals in general?

How "vibrant" is Port Louis? I know it's not a very big city but what things can you do there?

Anything else you might come up with that would be important to know about these cities or the country in general.

Thanks in advance   :)

Hey buddy,
i am currently living in Mauritius and i am expat too. I have been in different countries but Seychelles. So i can tell what i have been observing so far.

-sorry not sure about avg salary for dentist but as i assume; it should depend on where you open your clinic and stuff like that. However it shouldnt be less than 30-35 thousand.

-cost of living; if you dont have house and you need to rent one, then it will cost you my friend. Depending on where,  studio flats start from 10 -15 thousand monthly (mauritian rupee) and going to market and shopping for kitchen will cost you at least 2 thousand per week (basic stuff)
-if you are a party animal and live in the night clubs, then i dont really recommend. There are some places like casinos, night clubs. Other than that life finishes here so early; 7pm you wont find anything to do. You will find yourself watching nat geo wild at home in french voice over (i dont speak french but still im watching)
-over all, people are nice and warm. But truth is since im here (4months) i have no friends yet expect my barber.
-port louis is the capital and business point of Mauritius so its quite crowded. And there are nice places in there like cafes, bars, restaurants etc. There is caudan waterfront, its nice to visit there any time of the day. (As i said after 7pm dont expect too much)

As last; as a person who used to live in a big city, coming to Mauritius and setting up a life here was not easy. Life goes so slow here, for example finishing paperworks in any government office can take really good long time.

If you love nature, perfect beach and clear water and being so much relax (more than you should be) then its nice to be here. But dont expect too much, keep your expectations a bit low.

Hope it helps, anything else just pm me buddy.

P.S: there are lots of motorbikes which makes crazy annoying noise, so bring ear plugs cause you will need it!


Mauritius and the Seychelles are identical on many aspects...it's just that Mauritius are much more build-up and more populous. I have been to Seychelles for holidays so I won't be able to talk about their administrative and business environment.


As an expat, to work as a dentist, you will have to be employed by a medical or dental institution as a professional if you demonstrate qualifications and a competency level not available on the island. Or you can set up your own practice as an investor or self-employed. In both cases, you will need an Occupational Permit with conditions attached.
Salaries vary greatly depending on where you are working and level of services provided.

Cost of living: Rent + Utilities + Travel + Upkeep + insurance + randoms will cost you around min. MUR 45,000 (approx. $1,500) monthly. However, this also depends on your way of life...you can keep it close to a reasonable margin or it can shoot up as well. E.g: Living on local delicacies or eating out in fancy restaurants everyday will cause a marked difference on your credit card statement.

Country and local women: Mauritius is a highly conservative, family-oriented and socially complex society but this also depends on the ethnic/religious group...some are more conservative than others. The dating scene are somewhat related to this so don't expect anything like in Europe or elsewhere.

International crowd: Definitely the Northern and Western parts of the island...and other coastal and resorts areas. However, quite some expats do live in the central regions and towns for working and business convenience.

Locals: Again related to what I said above on the Mauritian society...however most locals are friendly and easy-going and don't really hold grudges against expats. Though it might be hard in the beginning, once you build yourself a circle through your work, things will work out by themselves.

Port Louis: PL is the business, commercial, administrative and political heart of Mauritius. It's crowded, busy, noisy, polluted and hectic like any other city. However, at dusk, it slows down and practically dead at night except in some quarters.

Conclusion: Mauritius is a great and popular place in general owing to the large number of foreigners wishing to settle here but like anywhere else, it has its own character, culture, way of life and traditions and up to you to paddle your way though. That's why, it is always recommended to come as a tourist first for some time to get a first-hand experience and then decide whether you are willing to take the plunge!

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