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Dear all,

I am a new graduate student from NTU, my master degree will be available on 1 August,2015. I got an offer from a small local consultant company. The company has applied employment pass for me and now it's in the process. I used the transcript for the application. It has been three days, and the status is still pending.

I have worked four years before this master degree, when I did the SAT test, the salary of EP for me is S$400 higher than the employer can offer me since I am a bit older than 28 years old. But the company still applied for me.

I am a little worried. Has anyone met this kind of consequence? Do you think I can get EP? Because the company doesn't have the quota of spass.

Thanks ! :(  :rolleyes:

It was rejected, I just checked. What should I do? :(

You also sent me a PM with similar content and I just replied. Please do not multiple-post and PM. Thanks!
The SAT is usually correct. Thus you need a higher salary to be eligible for EP - if not at this employer, then another one.
Don't waste your time on an appeal here.

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