how to do marrige (need help)

i am from India but girl friend from philipines  and we want to marry
so i want to say anybody can help us and anyone can say about process
if know about process and can help us for marry i will pay for that
plzz mail me this ***

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Hello rajshaikh,

welcome to the Riyadh forum  :)

We will need some infos so as to help you.

Where do you plan to marry ? Since you are posting on the Riyadh forum, will be in Saudi Arabia, India or the Philippines ?


i want to marry next month what info do you need may i know ?
thanks for reply  its my email id .please mail me
and thanks again

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hello Bhavna,

    sorry i forgot write we are working in Saudi Arabia. hope you can help us.
thanks again

You both need to contact your embassies, and they will guide you.

already tried no benefit

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