What other options to choose as work visas are no longer available?

Hi everyone! Glad to be part of this forum. I hope that someone can give me advice on the following: I am hoping to move to the US to be with my boyfriend who is from there. I have a master's degree (journalism), however I have heard that until October 2016 work visas are no longer available. What would be my other options? (since I can't start my own business) Thanks in advance!

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look at the I visa.

BenNY04 :

look at the I visa.

The I visa would require you to be hired as a journalist for a foreign country with an office in the USA, have a specific assignment, and leave as soon as the assignment is completed.  Changing employers is not allowed.

no need to have a foreign office in the USA to obtain the I visa.
but the person needs to have an accreditation from the foreign media.
no need to leave the USA if one assignment is completed, if you are working on 'daily basis' (even less of course) .

you can also change your employer via the 'adjustment of status'.

http://www.uscis.gov/working-united-sta … eign-media

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