Looking for a nigerian girl that lived in Frankfurt in 2009

This might be a rather odd question but maybe anyone of you knows the girl I'm looking for. In 2009, I was travelling with my car from Frankfurt to Nürnberg and I took two "Mitfahrer" with me, one german guy and a young, beautiful girl from Nigeria. She couldn't speak German at that time, but nevertheless we connected very, very good with each other and had a great time. As far as I remember she wanted to visit some relative (I think it was her aunt) in Nürnberg. I left her at the parking space in front of the "WON"-Discotheque in Nürnberg, her relative lived just across the street. I gave her my Bob Marley CD as a present, because she liked the music. I also remember there was a huge traffic jam near Frankfurt and because of that we were delayed by one or two hours. She wrote me some text-messages the days after. I would have loved to answer her, but I had a girlfriend at that time and felt bad about it. Big mistake of course :-(. However, if the girl still lives in Germany I would love to see her again. If anybody knows her: Please write me: ***

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Why not post an advert in the Missing people in Frankfurt section of the website so as to give a boost to your search.

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6 years is a long time in terms of changes to someones life. Maybe she doesn't feel the same way about you, or has since got married and has a family of her own. So to avoid further disappointment, it's probably advisable to give up the search. Or at least post more info about her, such as name to begin with.

You have almost no information about her - don't have great hopes of finding her with that!

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