Going to Los Angeles to study a master (some questions)

Hello everybody, my name is Pablo and I'm from Spain.
I really like this website, it is quite handy and everybody seems to help each other.
I spent some time in L.A. one year ago, just as a tourist, and I really loved that city. I studied Graphic Design and now I want to go further and study a 3D animation master in the U.S.
Those masters are incredibly expensive so I want to ask some questions, let's see if you cand help me out:

-Do you recommend studying in the U.S.A? I mean, it is really expensive, is it really that good?
-I know I need a study visa to be there studying, but as far as I have to spend a lot of money for living and stuff (not to mention the master price) is there a way to go there to study and also work? Maybe just until the master ends. Is there any internship option or maybe a way to work at the university while I'm studying?
-Can I look for a job while studying? I don't mean I want to work illegally with a study visa, just to think about the future, check if there's a company interested in sponsor me, so I can go back to my country, change my visa and go back to work there (as soon as the master is over, of course).

Well that's all, what would you recommend me?
Thanks a lot!

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